Staff Directory


Chris LaBelle, Assistant Vice President for Engagement and Extension and Senior Director for the CSU Extended Campus Fort Collins (970) 491-4156

Finance and Human Resources

Julie Bergstrom, Director of Finance and Human Resources Fort Collins (970) 491-2274
Rob Collett, Senior Human Resources Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-2546
Erin Thompson, Human Resources Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-2110
Jenny Boschee, Accounting Technician Fort Collins

Operations and Partnerships

Claire Pettner, Director of Operations and Partnerships Fort Collins (970) 491-1927
Jill Garber, Director of CSU Collaboration Campuses and CSU System Engagement at Sturm Castle Rock (303) 921-7155
Tailor Seibert, Manager of Site Operations Fort Collins
Libby Skowron, Reception & Administrative Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-5288

Academic Services

College Relations and Program Strategy

Alysha Tarantino, Director of College Relations & Advising Fort Collins (970) 491-2419
Scott Woods, Program Director Fort Collins (970) 492-4741
Maurice Ombogo, Program Manager Fort Collins (970) 492-4722
Rezwanul Parvez, Research & Market Analyst Fort Collins
Brandi Gonzalez, High School and Community College Coordinator Fort Collins (970) 491-5288

Course Scheduling & Enrollment

Melanie Pierz, Manager of Operations Support Fort Collins (970) 491-2520
Mary Colasanti, Program Manager Denver (303) 376-2607
Sally Ketchum, Program Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-5260
Jenny Kubichek, Enrollment Services Representative Fort Collins (970) 682-7198

Academic Advising

Amy Quinn-Sparks, Manager of Advising and Support Fort Collins (970) 499-1702
Cheylan Beaver, Academic Advisor Fort Collins (970) 491-6299
Danielle Keller, Academic Advisor Fort Collins (970) 682-7996
Karin Bright, Academic Advisor Fort Collins (970) 499-1552
Karen Oxley, Academic Advisor Fort Collins
Greg Weaver, Academic Advisor Fort Collins
Stephen Escobar, Pre-Admissions Advisor Fort Collins (970) 825-0613

Noncredit Programs

Professional Education

Shelby Love, Professional Education Manager Fort Collins
Melissa Meltzer, Professional Education Manager Fort Collins

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Pat Gannon, Director of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Fort Collins (970) 491-7320
Lauren Jones, OLLI Program Administrator Fort Collins
Julie Braswell, Administrative Assistant Fort Collins

Learning Production

Desiree Bautista, Director of Course Production & Training Fort Collins (970) 491-2756
Robert Jordan, Manager of Educational Technology Fort Collins
Aaron Bauer, Instructional Designer Fort Collins
Andrea Fitzsimmons, Instructional Designer Fort Collins
Megan Hauser, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-3245
Helga Hizer, Videographer Fort Collins (970) 491-4884
Nancy Johnson, Instructional Designer Fort Collins
Drew Lichtenstein, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-5288
Julie Marsh, Instructional Designer Fort Collins
Faustino Payan, Instructional Designer Fort Collins
Jason Russell, Senior Videographer Fort Collins (970) 491-6650
Amelia Schroeder, Learning Operations Support Specialist Fort Collins
Briana VanBuskirk, Instructional Designer Fort Collins
Michael Weil, Instructional Technologist Fort Collins
Gregory Wells, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-0761
Morgan Witte, Instructional Designer Fort Collins

Project Management

Mike Birach, PMO Manager Fort Collins
Marilu DeLeon, Project Manager Fort Collins
Matt Skweres, Project Manager Fort Collins
Bridget Julian, Project Management Coordinator Fort Collins

Marketing & Student Recruitment

Kory Swanson, Interim Director of Marketing Fort Collins (970) 491-2584
Katie Wurdack, Digital Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-2293
Gen Spering, Manager of Recruitment Fort Collins (970) 491-1814
Henry Medary, Product Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-5546
Natalie Riggs, Product Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-4642
Ashlee Flynn, Graphic Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-7598
Beren Goguen, Marketing Content Strategist Fort Collins (970) 491-3765
Cristin Peratt, Marketing Content Strategist Fort Collins
Brian Powers, Digital Marketing Specialist Fort Collins
Lucy Falconer, Digital Marketing Specialist Fort Collins
Terrance Dickens, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 698-7337
Lauren Kelly, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 698-7508
Joy Nyenhuis, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 682-7251
Kyle Yates, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 682-7252

Information Technology

Kyle Flinn, Director of Information Technology Fort Collins
Jordan Schroeder, Salesforce Administrator Fort Collins (970) 492-4750
Rob Easton, Salesforce Administrator Fort Collins
Bhavdeep Singh, Salesforce Administrator Fort Collins
Chris Brothers, Full Stack Web Developer Fort Collins (970) 491-3043
Kyle Winterrowd, Full Stack Web Developer Fort Collins
David Newton, Database Administrator/Developer Fort Collins (970) 292-7829
Kyle Schultz, Systems Administrator Fort Collins (970) 491-4848
Brian Balfour, Business Analyst/Application Administrator Fort Collins
Brett Cunningham, Business Analyst/Application Administrator Fort Collins
Ramon Murao, Business Analyst/Application Administrator Fort Collins
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