Staff Directory

CSU Online Staff


Chris LaBelle, Interim Senior Director of CSU Online Fort Collins (970) 491-4156
Jenny Kubichek, Executive Assistant to the Interim Senior Director Fort Collins (970) 491-4864

Finance and Human Resources

Julie Bergstrom, Director of Finance and Human Resources Fort Collins (970) 491-2274


Jennifer Thorland, Finance Manager Fort Collins (970) 492-4267
Joanie Brewster, Accounting Technician Fort Collins (970) 492-4132

Human Resources

Erin Thompson, Human Resources Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-2110

Operations and Partnerships

Claire Pettner, Director of Operations and Partnerships Fort Collins (970) 491-1927

Project Management

Brooke Moon, Online Project Management Lead Fort Collins (970) 491-1831
Bridget Julian, Project Management Coordinator Fort Collins (970) 491-5167

Operations Support

Mary Colasanti, Program Manager Denver (303) 376-2607
Sally Ketchum, Program Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-5260
Melanie Pierz, Program Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-2520
Gayle Roslund, Program Assistant Fort Collins (970) 491-2570

Office Management

Bruce Trameri, Interim Office Manager Fort Collins (970) 492-4719
Ken Radicek, Distribution Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-2180

Learning Development and Programs

College Relations and Program Strategy

Alysha Tarantino, Associate Director of College Relations & Program Strategy Fort Collins (970) 491-2419
Scott Woods, Program Director Fort Collins (970) 492-4741
Steve Gaisford, Program Manager Fort Collins (970) 492-4716

Professional Education

Inger Johnson, Interim Associate Director of Professional Education Fort Collins (970) 491-2008
Ben Fletcher, Interim Program Support Fort Collins (970) 491-1479

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Pat Gannon, Director of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Fort Collins (970) 491-7320
Diane O'Brien, Program Administrator Fort Collins (970) 491-7376

Learning Analytics

Kimberley Corwin, Assistant Learning Analyst Fort Collins (970) 491-4149

Learning Production

Megan Hauser, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-3245
Helga Hizer, Videographer Fort Collins (970) 491-4884
Sarah Kalert, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-3576
Drew Lichtenstein, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-5288
Desiree Pina, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-2756
Gregory Wells, Instructional Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-0761

Learning Technologies

Marianne Bauer, Learning Technology Media Coordinator Fort Collins (970) 491-2115
Ed Gudemann, Learning Technology Media Coordinator Fort Collins (970) 491-3234


Allen Buckner, Director of Marketing Fort Collins (970) 491-2938
Ashlee Flynn, Graphic Designer Fort Collins (970) 491-7598
Beren Goguen, Marketing Content Strategist Fort Collins (970) 491-3765
Henry Medary, Product Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-5546
Natalie Riggs, Product Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-4642
Gen Spering, Manager of Student Outreach Fort Collins (970) 491-1814
Kory Swanson, Digital Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-2584
Katie Wurdack, Digital Marketing Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-2293

Strategic Enrollment Management and IT Systems

Michelle Clifton, Director of Strategic Enrollment and IT Systems Fort Collins (970) 491-2479

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Trevor Eyden, Manager of Recruitment and Enrollment Fort Collins (970) 491-6016
Frances Betts, Enrollment Services Representative Fort Collins (970) 491-4312
Terrance Dickens, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 491-7468
Stephen Escobar, Pre-Admissions Advisor Fort Collins (970) 491-7918
Danielle Keller, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 491-5641
Lauren Kelly, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 491-3390
Maurice Kigada, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 492-4722
Joy Nyenhuis, Student Success Coach Fort Collins (970) 491-2665

Academic Advising

Amy Quinn-Sparks, Academic Advisor Fort Collins (970) 491-1940
Karin Bright, Academic Advisor Fort Collins (970) 491-4108

Information Technology

Jason Harder, IT Manager Fort Collins (970) 491-5926
David Newton, Database Administrator/Developer Fort Collins (970) 492-4971
Jordan Schroeder, Salesforce Administrator Fort Collins (970) 492-4750
Chris Brothers, Full Stack Web Developer Fort Collins (970) 491-3043
Kyle Winterrowd, Full Stack Web Developer Fort Collins
Kyle Schultz, Systems Administrator Fort Collins (970) 491-4848