NALP Professional Landscape Technician Training

Get trained in industry best practices and prepare to take the Landscape Industry Certified Technician examinations with this online training program.

Study to become Landscape Industry Certified

As the field of landscaping continues to advance, it's important that technicians have access to professional development resources and the ability to earn credentials to stand out as experts. Created in partnership between the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and Colorado State University, this program covers material contained in the following manuals:

  • Landscape Training Manual for Irrigation Technicians
  • Landscape Training Manual for Installation Technicians
  • Landscape Training Manual for Maintenance Technicians

Created for both entry-level and experienced landscape technicians, this three-course training series offers "how-to" resources for landscape installation, irrigation, and maintenance. This program serves as the recommended preparation courses for the Landscape Industry Certified – Technician Exterior certification exam, and it meets the educational requirements for the Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program, launching early 2019.

Learn essential industry information

Featuring practice problems and visuals, courses in this training series offer industry-specific information related to effective planning, management, safety, conservation, and sustainability. Topics include:

  • Effective landscape planning
  • Surveying, grading, and drainage
  • Irrigation techniques and water management
  • Sod/turf installation
  • Seeding, tree planting, and pruning
  • Aquatic plant maintenance in water features
  • Safe operation of equipment
  • Effective communication
  • General safety protocols and first aid

Participants will receive step-by-step information on how to get work done right the first time, tips on how to troubleshoot problems in the field, and checklists for equipment operations and maintenance.

Earn digital badges to illustrate your knowledge

For each course you successfully complete, you earn a digital badge that can be displayed on your resume, social media profiles, and email signature. Complete all three courses to earn a Mastery Badge. Learn more about how digital badging works.

Please note these badges do not represent a landscape industry certification, but rather illustrate the knowledge that you have learned.

Learn on your schedule

This online training program is self-paced. You can complete modules and courses at the times that work best for you.

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