Teacher Education

General Questions and Contact Information

I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Colorado State University's School of Education, Center for Educator Preparation, and Colorado State University Online work as a team to support students as they plan their educational path. Included here is contact information for where you can most effectively start the conversation.

The CSU School of Education and Center for Educator Preparation are available to assist you with the following options:
  • Educational Leadership, Renewal, and Change Teacher Licensure and M.Ed program
  • Educational Leadership, Renewal, and Change Principal Licensure and M.Ed program
  • Bachelor's degree in family and consumer sciences
  • Career and technical education authorization
  • Prerequisites for master's degrees

You can email their team of advisors at chhs-stepp_information@mail.colostate.edu or call (970) 491-5292 to get started.

CSU Online is available to discuss your interests and questions about the following options:
  • Master's degree programs
  • Graduate certificates
  • Professional development programs
  • Contract courses offered by individual instructors or through school districts
  • Added endorsement courses
  • Teacher salary differential credit
  • Individual credit courses
  • Individual noncredit courses

Should you have questions, please email our recruitment and retention team at CSU Online_questions@mail.colostate.edu. We are excited to hear from you.

Students Outside of Colorado

Can CSU courses apply toward teacher credentialing in states other than Colorado?

While licensing requirements vary by state, there are commonalities in the pathways that states expect teachers to follow to build competencies. Coursework is one of these commonalities. Visit your state's Department of Education website to learn specific requirements, then return here to see if CSU offers coursework to help you reach your goals.

Can you direct me to teacher licensing requirements for my state?

Yes, visit your state's Department of Education website to learn specific requirements.

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