Teacher Education

Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE)

Whether you are hoping to earn your Initial CTE Authorization or want to complete coursework toward a CTE content credential, CSU has courses to help you reach your goal. There are two types of CTE Authorizations, an Initial (also known as "three year") Authorization and a Professional (also known as “five year”) Authorization. Colorado State University is the only four year institution designated by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to offer teacher preparation coursework toward an Initial CTE Authorization. CTE teacher preparation coursework provides a strong foundation in CTE education including:

  • The history, purpose, administration, funding, and delivery of career and technical education within education systems

  • Techniques and methods to advise student leaders, and establish business/industry partners for work-based experiences

One of the requirements to earn an Initial or Professional CTE Authorization is to complete coursework within your chosen CTE credential content area or have successfully proven competency through PLACE testing. View the CTE credential tab to learn about courses offered through CSU within each content area. Completing coursework in CTE education and in your content area will be valuable as you equip students for success within skilled trades and applied sciences, in the usage of modern technologies, and in preparation for their careers. To learn more about CTE Authorizations, please visit the Colorado Department of Education Frequently Asked Questions.

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