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License Renewal and Substitute Authorization Questions

Can individual courses be used in pursuit of a Professional License Renewal?

Yes. College coursework is an accepted renewal activity; therefore, coursework offered by Colorado State University can apply toward a Professional License Renewal. Visit the CDE License Renewal page for more information.

As stated on the Colorado Department of Education website:

"A valid professional license may be renewed every five years with an equivalent of six semester hours of credit from an accepted, regionally accredited college or university, which may include up to 90 clock hours of professional development earned during the validity (from the issuance date to the expiration date) of your professional license. Accepted renewal activities include: in-service education, college/university coursework, involvement in school reform, internships, travel, and ongoing professional development."

Are the courses offered through CSU meant for those pursuing Initial (formerly Provisional) License Renewal, Convert Initial License to a Professional License, One-Year Interim Authorization Renewal, or Five/Three/One-year Substitute Authorization Renewal?

No. These licenses include other requirements. To learn more, visit the CDE Educator Licensing page.

Do you offer coursework toward a Special Services Provider License?

No. Please visit the CDE Special Services Provider page.

Are CSU's courses meant for those pursuing Alternative Teachers Licensing or Alternative Principal Licensing?

No. Please visit the CDE Alternative Applicant page.

Are CSU's courses meant for those moving from an Initial License to a Professional License?

No. Please visit the CDE Initial License to a Professional License page.

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