Teacher Education

Additional Resources for Current Teachers

Courses Applicable Toward Salary Differential

In the typical school district, there are two common ways for you to increase your salary within the same position, (1) gain years of experience as you spend more time as a teacher (often known as steps), and (2) earn education credits beyond your bachelor's or/and master's degree (often known as differentials or lanes). Visit your district's human resources office or website to learn the specific requirements. Our credit and noncredit courses can help you change lanes to a higher salary.

Prerequisites for Master's Degrees

CSU offers numerous credit and noncredit courses required by many teacher bachelor's, post-bachelor's, and master's level programs.

Colorado License Renewals

Are you already a Colorado educator and need to renew your license? Visit the Colorado Department of Education renewals site to renew a current or expired Colorado educator license.

Colorado Initial to Professional Licenses

Teachers with a Colorado Initial License can earn a professional license through completion of an approved induction program. To learn more, visit the Initial to Professional Licenses page on the Department of Education website.

Colorado Additional Authorizations

To learn about additional authorizations offered by the Colorado Department of Education, visit the Additional Authorizations page. CSU's online Adult Basic Education Authorization Training is one of the authorizations you'll find there.

Advance your Teaching Career in the United States

Learn about licensing and certification renewal requirements and additional qualifications through each state's Department of Education.

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