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Agritourism Management Graduate Certificate

This online certificate program teaches you how to develop and run an agritourism venture by providing in-depth knowledge of industry trends, business planning, financing, and management strategies.

Earn an agritourism management certificate online

Over the past century, travel and tourism has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, and includes a wide array of business models, from luxury beach resorts to local bed and breakfasts.

As the tourism industry becomes increasingly diverse, there are now more opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs than ever before. Today, a growing number of travelers are seeking authentic, rural experiences that luxury resorts and big-city attractions simply can’t provide. For this reason, agritourism is an expanding niche with significant potential.

What is agritourism?

Agritourism, sometimes called rural tourism, is a subset of the leisure and hospitality industry that combines elements of tourism and agriculture. Although farm tourism is one of the most well-known types of agritourism, there is a wide array of businesses that fall under this category. In essence, any agricultural operation that provides tours or allows guests to visit or stay overnight on the property can be considered an agritourism business. Examples include:

  • Vineyards and wine tours
  • Family farms and hobby farms
  • Farm-to-table culinary experiences
  • Guest ranches or dude ranches
  • Barn weddings
  • Horseback rides and pony rides
  • Petting zoos
  • Corn mazes
  • Horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides
  • Guided hunting trips on private land

Benefits of starting an agritourism business

Many people who own an agricultural operation — such as a farm, ranch, or vineyard — already have much of the necessary infrastructure, to start an agritourism business, including land, attractions, and amenities. Because this infrastructure often comes with a large overhead expense, the additional revenue generated by an agritourism venture can be a significant financial advantage when managed successfully.

Learn what it takes to manage a successful venture

Developed by experts with significant experience in the tourism industry, this program provides the in-depth knowledge you need to successfully plan and manage an agritourism operation. Learn to adapt or expand existing infrastructure to create enjoyable, memorable experiences for visitors. Also gain insights in building a comprehensive business plan that includes elements like launching a website, promoting the business, booking guest reservations, organizing activities, managing finances, and complying with local laws and regulations. Offered in an online format, the program allows you to complete coursework on a flexible schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

Start learning how to:

  • Conduct market research
  • Assess supply and demand
  • Write a comprehensive business plan
  • Create financial models
  • Evaluate potential local economic impacts
  • Organize and manage a variety of business assets

View the requirements and curriculum page to learn more about the courses you will take.