Teacher Education

Courses and Programs for Teachers

Colorado State University offers many education degrees, certificates, programs, and courses to help you reach your goal of becoming a teacher, enhancing your work as an educator, and advancing your career. To the left and below you will find information on the initial teacher education, induction, professional development, and graduate programs available through CSU offered face-to-face and at a distance. Resources for programs offered outside of CSU, in Colorado and around the nation, are also provided.

Programs for Aspiring Teachers

If you have a passion for teaching, we have a program that will prepare you to chase your dreams. If we don't have a program in your area or tailored to your academic history, you'll find links to other programs that may be the right fit.

Programs for Current Teachers

Looking to advance your teaching career? Browse our degree programs, certificates, credit and noncredit courses, and professional development options to discover which program best matches your goals.

Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Authorizations are regulated by the Colorado Department of Education. Colorado State University is the only four year institution designated by the Colorado Department of Education to offer coursework toward an Initial CTE Authorization. Additionally, CSU offers coursework toward CTE credentials.

Coursework toward Added Endorsements

Current teachers who hold a valid Colorado teaching license can add a second or subsequent endorsement to their teaching license by completing the Colorado Department of Education requirements.

Individual Credit and Noncredit Courses

Are you looking for a course or two? Browse our offering of credit and noncredit courses.

General Questions and Contact Information

Get support and advising help to carry you through the next step.

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