Current Students


We offer students lifetime access to jobZology, a comprehensive interests-based assessment and software focused on personal fit in educational and career exploration.

jobZology uses science to match talent to jobs and company culture to help individuals find meaningful employment and satisfaction in educational pursuits. Your lifetime account allows you to discover ways to craft your education and career to be in optimal alignment with your personality, talents and values. With your jobZology account, you will:

  • Understand your skills and interests through assessments.
  • Explore education and career paths tailored to you.
  • Gain competency in careers with job readiness tools.
  • Develop cover letters and resumes.
  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Search careers, internships, and various types of employment.
  • Create personal reports to share with employers and counselors.
  • Connect to national job boards and workforce centers.

How to Create a jobZology Account

  1. Go to the CSU Online jobZology portal.
  2. Click "Join Now!"
  3. Enter your email address (login) and password then click "Sign Up."
  4. Check your inbox for a welcome email confirming your subscription.
  5. Click the account activation link in the welcome email.
  6. Login with your email and password to access your dashboard.

Questions about Your Account?

Contact jobZology for issues setting up your account or navigating the assessment tools at Please include your contact information in the email.