Online Environmental Sustainability Programs

What is sustainability? How can research and innovation be used to create a more sustainable future for our global society and environment? These are just a few of the questions being explored by faculty and students at Colorado State University.

By earning an online degree or certificate in the field of environmental sustainability, you will have an opportunity to access in-depth knowledge that can be applied in a range of public- and private-sector careers, including:

  • Environmental stewardship and planning
  • Natural resource and forestry management
  • Rangeland conservation
  • Restoration ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Plant, wildlife, and soil research
  • Teaching
Start developing knowledge and skills that can help you achieve your career goals in environmental management. Study online, customize your education, and maintain your work-life balance.

Online Master's Degrees with a Focus on Environmental Sustainability

Degrees offered online from CSU provide the academic rigor, value, and convenience to help you develop credentials and actively pursue exciting career opportunities.

Civil Engineering M.E., M.S.

With a strong emphasis on water resource management, this program's areas of study include hydrology, water management and sustainability, irrigation systems, applied GIS, environmental statistics, and more. Discover how to leverage engineering concepts and computer technology to create a more sustainable infrastructure that will last for many generations.

Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology M.F.W.C.B.

Conservation biologists can play an important part in the management of natural habitats for the benefit of both wild animals and people. This program focuses on the ecology and sustainable management of wildlife with a comprehensive selection of coursework. Broaden your critical thinking abilities as you gain the tools to analyze, communicate, and make impactful decisions about conservation-related issues.

Integrated Resource Management M.Agr.

The ability to sustainably manage resources is crucial to the overall success of any agricultural business. Master fundamental business skills, ecosystem sustainability principles, and animal resource management strategies that can be applied directly to an agricultural career. During the capstone course, you will also have the opportunity to create a detailed land management plan for a specific agricultural site.

Natural Resource Stewardship M.N.R.S.

Taking a holistic approach, this program focuses on understanding the interconnectedness of natural resource management systems and how that lends itself to solving real-world problems. Opportunities for academic specialization within the program include: ecological restoration, forest sciences, and rangeland ecology and management. Graduates of this program have careers in some of the most well-known natural resource management organizations in the United States, including the USDA, Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management.

Tourism Management M.T.M.

Understanding the potential social and environmental impacts of tourism is essential in this rapidly growing industry. Learn about nature-based tourism and how the industry impacts natural resources and global communities. Gain the skills to apply theories and develop strategies that will ensure a more sustainable future for the industry and for the world.

Online Bachelor's Degrees

Natural Resource Tourism

Develop the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in natural resource tourism by studying topics like marketing, strategic planning, sustainable resource practices, and natural resource policy.

Online Certificates and Training Programs in Environmental Studies

Colorado State University offers several online graduate certificates and professional training programs that incorporate elements of environmental sustainability into the curriculum.

Applied Global Stability

Build the knowledge and skills to immediately begin solving social, economic, and infrastructural stability and environmental sustainability issues.

Communications for Conservation

Learn the skills necessary to produce and execute successful public relations, community outreach, and stakeholder communications surrounding conservation efforts.

Wildlife Conservation Actions

Learn theories and practices in natural resources management to develop and implement action plans that make an impact in this important field.

Sustainable Military Lands Management

Learn about the practices, technologies, and analytical tools necessary to support conservation and sustainable management of natural and cultural resources on Department of Defense lands.

Understanding Climate Change

Learn more about the causes, effects, evidence, and scientific consensus surrounding climate change. Topics of study include the basics of climate change, climate change and the water cycle, impacts to agriculture, and more.

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