Online Music Education Degrees, Training, and Courses

As children and young adults learn music, they are improving fundamental skills that extend to other areas of learning, including memorization, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, perseverance, and creativity. In fact, according to the National Association for Music Education, students who have studied music performance or appreciation score higher on the SAT compared to students with no musical experience.

Participation in music programs can increase self-confidence, reinforce the value of teamwork, and inspire a more positive overall attitude toward learning. For these reasons, music education continues to be an important part of the curriculum in many schools around the world.

Being a successful music educator requires an understanding of the learning process and how to convey important concepts to students in an engaging way. Music teacher training and degree programs developed by faculty in the School of Music, Theater, and Dance at Colorado State University are designed to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience and valuable insights that can be applied directly in your career.

Online Music Education Degrees

Earning a master’s degree provides academic credentials that can help you pursue career opportunities in the field of music education. Start learning the skills to enhance your teaching techniques and improve engagement in the classroom.

Conducting M.M.

Gain advanced instruction in conducting, score preparation, and rehearsal techniques. Designed for secondary music educators, this online master's degree with on-campus summer sessions offers instruction in band, orchestra, and choir. Taking music courses online allows you to earn a master's in music education while continuing to work full time—using your own school's music programs as your conducting laboratory. The two-week on-campus seminar courses are completed during the summer to fit most teachers' schedules.

Kodály Music Education M.M.

Learn concepts and skills to help instill an appreciation for music through the incorporation of games, movement, folk arts, and cultural heritage. Designed for elementary, secondary, and independent music educators, this degree features on-campus participation at the annual Colorado Kodály Institute as an exclusive two-week residency each summer. The curriculum introduces the philosophy and teachings of Hungarian music educator, Zoltán Kodály, with a focus on techniques to inspire kids through folk song, dance, and games.

Music Education Training Program

In addition to degrees and online music education courses, Colorado State University also offers specialized training programs for music teachers.

Eurhythmics Training

Learn how to bring your classroom to life with a sense of play in this progressive, student-centered Dalcroze-based eurhythmics course. Designed for K-12 music educators, students use rhythmic movement, ear training, improvisation, and other key concepts of the Dalcroze method to unlock creativity, nurture imagination, and enrich musical experiences.

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