Thomas J. Chermack, Ph.D.

Thomas Chermack, OPC FacultyTom is a Professor in organizational studies at Colorado State University, where he serves as chair of the university’s Ph.D. program in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change (OLPC). Tom teaches courses on scenario planning, human expertise, analysis in organizations, change management, and organization development. With a focus on the theoretical foundations and outcomes of scenario planning, Tom's research has won several awards for excellence based on demonstrating the benefits of scenario planning.

Tom is also the founder and Director of the Scenario Planning Institute, an organization that documents scenario planning activity, tracks research, facilitates seminars, and consults with organizations nationally and internationally.

In addition to his academic activities, Tom maintains his passion for serving industry and public clients as an advisor through Chermack Scenarios, a scenario planning consultancy. Tom facilitates scenario planning projects that yield insights resulting in an enhanced ability to navigate environmental uncertainties.

Connect with Tom for questions about the practice of scenario planning. He can be reached through the following links: | (612) 387-1951