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Freshwater is an essential resource that, much like other natural resources, is in limited supply. According to the USGS, only 2.5 percent of the total global water supply is fresh and 68.7% of that is frozen into glaciers and ice caps. This means that less than one percent of all water on earth is available to be consumed by a population of nearly 7.5 billion people. Although surface freshwater and groundwater is replenished naturally, the rate of consumption versus replenishment is not always in balance.

As the global population continues to grow, sustainable water management is increasingly more vital. Colorado State University is actively working to enhance educational resources surrounding water management via academic programs and affiliate partnerships like the Colorado Water Institute. Start taking an active role in the study and advancement of water sustainability as you earn career-building credentials in one of CSU's online water resource management degree or certificate programs.

Water Resource Management Graduate Programs

CSU currently offers a graduate degree in civil engineering that can provide the knowledge and skills you need to advance in your current career or pursue new job opportunities.

Civil Engineering M.E., M.S.

The task of developing and maintaining sustainable infrastructure is a complex process, and modern civil engineers face numerous challenges, including an ever-expanding population and increased demand on water supplies. With a focus on water management, CSU’s civil engineering master’s program prepares you to take on multifaceted challenges and address water-related concerns facing future generations. Topics of study include infrastructure management, hydrology, water control and measurement, GIS, and environmental monitoring. Analyze current industry research as you prepare to tackle infrastructure-related issues and evolving water concerns.

Graduate Certificates in Water Resources Management

Applied Global Stability: Water Resources

Designed for professionals who work on global community development projects, this customizable graduate certificate provides you with the knowledge to manage resources more sustainably and boost efforts to improve living standards in communities around the world. With a focus on water resource management courses, this program allows you to concentrate your studies on topics like water resources planning and management, irrigation systems, engineering hydrology, wastewater processing, infrastructure management, and more.

Water Resources

Gain a deeper understanding of the hydrologic cycle, water resources analysis and planning, sustainable water management, laws, and policies. Prepare to pursue career opportunities in parks and wildlife, public lands management, special-purpose water districts, water resources engineering/consulting, and more.

Online Water Resource Management Courses

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