Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.A.I.O.P.)

Requirements and Curriculum


The Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.A.I.O.P.) program requires you to complete 38 graduate credit hours. It can be completed in six semesters taking two courses per semester, although program duration may vary depending on your previous coursework, intensity of study, and course availability. Summer courses are required to complete the program.

This is a coursework-only degree and does not require completion of a thesis.


The courses in this program provide a comprehensive curriculum in industrial/organizational psychology with a strong emphasis on quantitative research methods. You may also have opportunities to tailor additional coursework to meet your individual objectives and future employment or educational plans.

Multiple courses are offered each semester to provide flexibility in your program of study. Need to plan your program of study? Courses for each semester are numbered based on priority. As an example, PSY 647 should be your first fall course as it is a prerequisite for other classes in the program. You would then enroll in PSY 662 as your second fall course or in your second fall term.

To see how to complete in two years, view the example program of study.

Fall courses

Spring courses

Summer courses

Example program of study

To complete the M.A.I.O.P. program in two years, follow the schedule outlined below.

Year 1 – Fall
Year 1 – Spring
Year 1 – Summer
Year 2 – Fall
Year 2 – Spring
Year 2 – Summer

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The Learning Experience

The M.A.I.O.P. program is structured around an active learning model with real and embedded simulations to provide critical core industrial/organizational psychology knowledge and skills development.

You and your fellow students are grouped into virtual consulting teams and, with the support of course facilitators, complete a series of projects each semester. For example, your team may design a leadership development program or conduct an organizational diagnosis. The applied projects, assignments, and courses are uniquely designed to prepare you for a career in industrial/organizational psychology.

Although the online format of this degree offers flexibility, it still requires the same amount of work and time as an on-campus program. Depending on your learning and studying style, expect to spend at least nine to twelve hours per week on a three-credit course.

This self-paced online program allows you to earn your degree while maintaining your busy work and family schedules. Is online learning right for you?

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