PSY 605 - Applied Measurement Theory

  • 3 credits

Applied Measurement Theory provides a broad grounding in classical test theory, as well as modern test theory including generalizability theory and item response theory. The course addresses reliability, validity, and utility as criteria for evaluating the quality of any psychological measurement tool.

IBM SPSS Software (2-week Trial or Student Version):
Students can purchase the license for $45.00 to cover the full semester at the RamTech store. If you would rather not purchase the software, there is a free 2-week trial of the software that would meet the needs of this course. You will need to have access to the software (either full or trial version) for 2 weeks near the end of the course (so if you chose the trial version option, please do not start your trial period until instructed to do so). This software can be used, but is not required, for the other weeks of the course.

This course can be applied toward:


Admission to the Plan C graduate program in Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Credit not allowed for both PSY 605 and PSY 600K. It is recommended that you complete PSY 662 prior to enrolling in this course.


Alyssa Gibbons

(970) 491-4940 |

Alyssa Mitchell Gibbons received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Illinois in 2007, with a minor in Quantitative Psychology. Her research explores various aspects of the assessment center method, including measurement, consistency of performance, and developmental applications. Dr. Gibbons’ other research interests include safety culture and climate in the workplace and the role of advice in decision making. She currently teaches graduate courses in Measurement and Personality as well as an undergraduate course in Industrial Psychology.