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Ski Area Management Graduate Certificate

Requirements and Curriculum

This flexible graduate certificate is the only ski area-specific, graduate-level program offered in North America. Each course is an eight-week accelerated program of study that focuses specifically on unique subject matter related to the ski industry. The curriculum was designed with close input from ski area managers and operators to ensure it addresses industry needs, and it will help you be better able to:

  • Make strategic management decisions
  • Assess the impact of policy on ski areas
  • Make informed capital budgeting decisions
  • Improve managerial and operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Communicate professionally and effectively
  • Critically examine the future of the industry

The graduate certificate requires completion of 12 credits by taking six two-credit courses. NRRT 520 is the foundation course and must be taken first (however, it may be taken concurrently with other courses).

Up to six credits from this program may be applied to our online Master of Tourism Management degree, including NRRT 523 and NRRT 524, as well as an additional ski area management course of your choice.

You must be admitted to this program for the certificate to appear on your official University transcript.

Required Courses

It is recommended that students earn this graduate certificate in conjunction with employment in the ski industry, so that they put themselves in the best possible position for career advancement. This program can be completed over a nine-month period, or as it best suits your work schedule. Courses are scheduled to give you flexibility around the peak winter season.

Course Schedule

Courses are scheduled to give you flexibility around the peak winter season with the semester break falling between mid-December and mid-January.

Ski Area Management Curriculum Schedule Graphic
Kelly Pawlak

"The CSU Ski Area Management Program is recognized by ski area operators and will help participants get the interviews for the positions they are interested in. Being a graduate of the program shows your interest and dedication to the industry. Not only will your certificate help you get your foot in the door, but the program will give you strong business skills and practical snowsports experience that you will use every day."

Kelly Pawlak
President, National Ski Area Association