NRRT 521 - Sustainable Ski Area Management

  • 2 credits

This course provides an in-depth understanding of sustainability issues that relate specifically to ski resort development and management. As an industry that is heavily reliant upon snowfall and the beauty of the natural environment, there have been increasing calls for ski areas to adopt sustainability as a core business philosophy. This goes beyond implementing various sustainability initiatives that address the impacts associated with ski area development, to the adoption of environmental management systems (EMS) that increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, emphasize corporate social responsibility (CSR). The building of positive stakeholder relationships is also examined, as is a holistic approach to environmental stewardship throughout the entire resort organization.


NRRT 520.

Important Information

While students must have earned an undergraduate degree before applying to the Ski Area Management Certificate, individual courses can be taken by undergraduate students. This can be to satisfy the requirements of an undergraduate degree or as a part of the Ski Area Management Graduate Certificate. Keep in mind that if credits from this course are counted towards an undergraduate degree, it is not possible to also count them towards the Ski Area Management Graduate Certificate.

Undergraduate students should consult an Academic Support Coordinator or Student Financial Services prior to enrollment to determine how this course may affect the cost of your undergraduate degree and financial aid status.

Textbooks and Materials

No textbook required


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