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Living Mindfully From CSU Extension

Course Descriptions

LMBB 1011 – Creating Mindful Habits

This course offers an introduction to the practice of mindfulness for personal wellbeing. Explore how mindfulness practices can help us gain awareness of "habits of mind" that lead us toward reactivity, resistance, struggle, and suffering. Learn that, by staying present in the moment and in our bodies, mindfulness can help us move beyond conditioned reaction and open space for insight and growth. Explore mental patterns that contribute to negativity and stress, and experiment with practices aimed at creating greater present-moment awareness.

Topics include:

  • Our Habits of Mind
  • Coming to our Senses
  • Fundamentals of Practice
LMBB 1012 – Responding to Stress

Stress can be our constant companion unless we learn how to work skillfully with the habits that keep us stuck in a cycle of stress. In this course, we will explore the physiological and psychological impacts of stress, learn how to interrupt the cycle of stress, and explore mindfulness practices that can help us decrease our stress response. By creating new pathways for mindful self-care, we will learn how to create greater stress resiliency.

Topics include:

  • The Psychology of Stress
  • The Physiology of Stress
LMBB 1013 – Rewiring our Brains

This course will help us learn to involve our minds in changing our brains for the benefit of our health and wellbeing. We will explore the concept of neuroplasticity and learn how to undo our negativity bias in order to rewire our brains for the good. We will experiment with a range of practices that help us create new neural pathways by seeding positivity and cultivating mindful presence.

Topics include:

  • Our Negativity Bias
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • Seeding Positivity
LMBB 1021 – Emotional Resilience

We all encounter difficult emotions like anxiety, fear, and depression. In this course, we will unpack the roots of these difficult emotions and consider the ways in which we perpetuate and intensify them through our negative thought patterns. Through the lens of mindfulness, we will bring greater perspective to our emotional difficulties, learn how to lean into them, and practice naming them to tame them. Viewing our symptoms as teachers, we will learn how to listen to our emotions and respond to them mindfully.

Topics include:

  • Going Beneath the Storm
  • The Emotion of Fear
  • Anxiety and Depression
LMBB 1022 – Coping with Pain and Loss

We often push away and try to control the pain, distress, and loss that we encounter in our lives. Through our mindfulness practice, we can examine our aversion, cultural conditions, and control instincts that drive our fear of discomfort and difficulty. We will explore how to interrupt the cycle of reaction, work with our fear, and ride the waves of discomfort and loss as we create a new relationship to our controlling instinct and with our physical condition.

Topics include:

  • Interrupting the Pain Cycle
  • Accepting Aging and Loss
LMBB 1031 – Authentic Connection

Our closest relationships can often cause us the most difficulty. In this course, we will explore the habits and behaviors that maintain our separation from others and examine how mindful attunement, empathy, and presence can bring about authentic connection. We will experiment with three levels of listening that are part of mindful communication and practice a range of approaches to bring mindfulness into our parenting, homes, and relationships.

Topics include:

  • The Gift of Presence
  • Self- compassion
LMBB 1032 – Widening our Circles of Compassion

This module explores the concepts, practices, and applications of compassion and loving kindness as they are applied within our communities. Learn about the relationship between gratitude, compassion, and joy; examine the principles of mindful service; explore compassion in the context of vulnerability and boundaries; and develop skills for building greater circles of care.

Topics include:

  • Kindness and generosity
  • Compassion in action
  • Loving-kindness