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Creative Organizational Innovation

Course Descriptions

BSBB 3101 – 21st Century Organizational Readiness (1 week)

The days of 10-year business plans and static organizational philosophies are nearly obsolete. Today, the most successful organizations are nimble and capable of embracing rapid change. Multi-generational workforces are commonplace and changing customer behaviors can quickly alter organizational dynamics. Creativity and ever-evolving cultures of innovation have never been more important to business success. This course highlights the foundations of 21st century readiness and leading-edge organizational ecologies. Explore the need for creativity, future visioning, and new thinking models that enable organizational transformation.

Topics of study in this course include:

  • Changing organizational ecologies in a changing world
  • The foundations of organizational creativity
  • The foundations of organizational innovation
  • New thinking models
BSBB 3102 – Organizational Creativity and Innovation (1 week)

Building a culture that promotes, embodies, and rewards creativity and innovation requires intentionality, alignment with purpose, and forming authentic connections between the core ethos, mission, vision, and values of an organization. This course introduces the principles that help establish culture building inside an organization. The differences between continuous improvement and innovation are highlighted, in addition to the roles of creativity and innovation from the perspectives of multiple individuals at various levels in an organization. Explore the external needs for creating positive client/customer experiences and the process of reimagining products and services. Lastly, discover a new thinking tool called "Innovation on Purpose," which can be used to generate unique and inventive solutions to complex challenges.

Topics of study in this course include:

  • Internal applications for organizations
  • External applications for organizations
  • The "Innovation on Purpose" thinking model
BSBB 3103 – Innovation and Spiral Thinking – Ideas to Reality (1 week)

In this course, you will learn how to apply the spiral thinking technique to organizational challenges. "Spiraling" is a novel thinking approach that is easy to understand, apply, and implement. This technique has been shown to inspire particularly creative approaches and inventive ideas when applied to a wide variety of organizational challenges. In this course, you will receive the "Innovation on Purpose" digital toolkit and tackle a challenge or opportunity of your choice, creating an executable plan to transform ideas into reality.