BSBB 3103 - Women's LEAD: Projecting Your Leadership Edge

  • 0.5 CEUs

Module 1: First Impressions In-Person
During this module, students will:
• Learn how quickly we make first impressions and how difficult it is to change a first impression.
• Demonstrate a good professional first impression.
• Accept feedback from colleagues about their first impression.

Module 2: First Impressions for Email and Phone
During this module, students will:
• Use 15 email etiquette guidelines to evaluate email samples.
• Select and edit personal emails to improve their quality.
• Apply the 8 cell phone guidelines to cell phone images.
• Practice the cell phone guidelines to improve their professional presence.

Module 3: Effective Meetings
During this module, students will:
• Observe and take notes during two workplace meetings focused on organization, engagement, time effectiveness, and action.
• Apply 7 steps to improve meeting preparation.
• Facilitate a meeting based on the 7 steps to effective meetings.
• Accept feedback from the meeting participants on what did and didn't work, and journal the responses.

Module 4: Behavior Styles
During this module, students will:
• Identify visual and verbal examples of passive, passive aggressive, aggressive, and assertive behavior.
• Observe behavior in the workplace during meetings, interpersonal communication, project planning, and team work.
• Identify which of the four behaviors is exhibited most frequently,
• Solicit feedback from team members about their own workplace behavior.
• Create a work action plan focused on assertive behavior.

Module 5: Active Listening
During this module, students will:
• Observe work communication and identify which of the six steps for active listening needs the most work.
• Practice the six steps for active listening in their work environment.
• Remember 20 new names in three days using the seven practices for remembering names.
• Identify the name recall practice that works best for them.

Module 6: Presentation Content Development
During this module, students will:
• Identify a topic of interest for a 3-5-minute presentation.
• Create an introduction, body, and conclusion with the following elements
• Introduction—attention getter and purpose
• Body—development of the topic with use of facts, stories, testimony, and other support
• Conclusion—summary and ending note
• Develop audio/visual aids to support the message.

Module 7: Presentation Delivery Success
During this module, students will:
• Reflect and journal their public speaking concerns.
• Secure two resources that discuss effective public speaking skills to help with their practice.
• Practice effective stage presence, eye contact, pace, movement, vocal variance, and more.
• Practice their prepared presentation 3-6 times prior to video recording.
• Present their presentation to a live work audience if possible.
• Video record their presentation for their supervisor or mentor to evaluate.

Information about Colorado Women Learn, Empower, Advance, and Dream (LEAD):
Colorado Women LEAD is a noncredit, online program that educates and trains women, and any person who identifies as female or woman-bodied, on successful leadership skills, tactics, techniques, theories, practices, and aptitudes in order to prepare the women of Colorado and Colorado State University for new or higher level leadership roles and opportunities in the workforce and community to help drive the economic prosperity of the state and CSU.

This program enhances a woman’s leadership growth by helping the individual:
· Identify her leadership style and core strengths with a focus on how to use them as a leader
· Deepen self-awareness to understand that the work of leadership starts internally, and ripples out
· Analyze professional relationships to build support networks for personal visions and goals
· Find business solutions through improved self-development techniques
· Understand her ability to make powerful organizational change
· Explore the ROI of equity, inclusion, and diversity practices in the workplace
· Increase team leadership effectiveness
· Learn new skills in leading through change and the une

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

Textbook and Materials

Students need to dedicate a spiral notebook or journal to the “Projecting Your Leadership Edge” course. This notebook or journal should always be available during participation in the course. It will be used to fulfill activity requirements including observations and notes.


Stephanie Salasek

Stephanie Salasek is a native of Iowa who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech for Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from Iowa State University. She has been a practitioner and trainer in secondary education, private industry, health care, and higher education. She was selected for the “Women Impacting ISU” calendar sponsored by the Carrie Chapman Catt Center while she was serving as the Senior Associate Director of Admissions. Stephanie consults full-time now with her company, Look Up Communications, and serves both profit and non -profit businesses and organizations. Her most popular programs include Presentation/Professional Presence, Emotional Intelligence, and the Customer Experience. Stephanie is a certified trainer for Emotional Intelligence.