Computer Science Master of Computer Science (M.C.S.)

Learning Experience

The computer science master's program gives you the flexibility to get the degree you want without a strict timeline. You can complete the program in two years, but it is not required that you do so. The duration of the program will depend on previous coursework, intensity of study, and course availability. Summer courses are required if you want to complete the degree in two years.

For this online program, you can expect a similar workload to a traditional on-campus program. You will spend approximately nine to twelve hours per week on a three-credit course. This will vary depending on your learning and studying style.

Your interaction with faculty and fellow students depends on the specific course. Online courses do provide you with online office hours and email contact as well as discussion board postings. You will also collaborate on projects and exchange ideas with fellow classmates through these same resources.

This self-paced online program allows you to earn your degree while maintaining your busy work and family schedules. Is online learning right for you?

What Next?

  • See how an online education from Colorado State has allowed students to fit education into their lives, how faculty work with students, and how coursework has directly impacted their work.

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