Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management (M.A.L.C.M.)

Why Choose CSU?

As a student in CSU's online Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management program, you will receive the same education, learn from the same faculty, and earn the same regionally accredited degree as students on campus. Additionally, you can expect a program with:

  • An Award-Winning Program: Recognized as a Top 10 leadership program in the U.S. by, the Master of Arts Leadership and Administration degree received a 2016 Leadership Excellence Award for exceptional leadership development.
    • A Community Focus: We emphasize relationship building between artists and the public to foster passion and appreciation for the arts in our communities, and to ensure investment in arts creation and preservation.
    • A Broad Application: Courses supplement the practical training most arts professionals receive by teaching analytical thinking skills that help you apply what you learn to a broad range of organizations and circumstances.
    • A Customizable Curriculum: You can choose from a wide range of course options and take elective credits specific to your desired career path or personal interests.
    • Practical Training Opportunities: Required internships allow for well-rounded practical training, enabling you to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world scenarios.
    • A Strong Foundation: This degree is offered through CSU's LEAP Institute for the Arts which guides this program's curriculum with its four basic principles of leadership, entrepreneurship, arts advocacy, and the public.

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    ”I wanted something that intersected business, administration, arts, and leadership. I also wanted an element of service, of giving back. CSU offered the perfect program. I apply a lot of what I learned about leadership and organization in my career, especially budget and timeline creation, law, and goal setting. The ability for artists to advocate for themselves and others is priceless. That was my biggest takeaway.“

    – L. Young, Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management Graduate

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