LEAP 660 - Arts Collaboration and the Community

  • 3 credits

Research, development and production of outreach projects; team projects for community engagement. Required field trips.


LEAP 600 (Arts Policy and Advocacy).


Emelie Borello
Emelie Borello


Emelie Borello is currently an instructor for the undergraduate LEAP courses and a recent graduate from the LEAP master’s degree program. She has a strong background in management, human resources, and project planning as well as a decade of experience as a director and designer in the local Fort Collins community theatre. In addition to teaching, Emelie is working toward her PhD in the study of festivals and the communities that they serve, as well as continuing research in the field of theatre and its relationship to audience experiences.

Sandy Ceas

Sandy Ceas is a nomadic New Englander who settled in the foothills of Colorado to practice her art and to teach at a number of Colorado universities about the value of art in cultural production. Ceas has a Master’s of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) in New Genres and a Master’s of Art in Humanities from the University of Denver with an emphasis on religion, philosophy and ethics. She has taught at SFAI, Colorado Christian University, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Metropolitan State University, Vermont College and the Art Institutes in both Colorado and Oregon.