LEAP 500 - Leadership in the Arts

  • 3 credits
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An enduring question regarding leadership is whether it comes naturally to only some individuals or is it developed by habit through practice, or is it something that can be learned. In the arena of arts management and policymaking, the question is more important given the dynamic nature of the arts and their profile in contemporary society.

This course takes as its purpose the development of leadership principles and skills through theoretical exploration and practical application. Students will encounter important leadership theories for learning and reflection, methods for studying and applying leadership, and opportunities through peer interaction to develop their own capacities for leadership in local and international art systems. Student seeking leadership career positions or who wish to augment their leadership acumen will find this course particularly useful.

This course can be applied towards:


Senior or graduate standing.

Textbook and Materials

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


  • Exploring Leadership (2011)
    Bolden, R., Hawkins, B., Gosling, J. and Taylor, S.
    ISBN: 978-0199547661
  • Leadership Theory and Practices, 7th Ed.
    Northouse, P. G.
    ISBN: 978-1483317533
  • Leadership: A Very Short Introduction (2010)
    Grint, K.
    ISBN: 978-0199569915


Christine Pelletier


Christine Pelletier is the patron services/education coordinator/music librarian for the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, which includes the production and design of season programs, educational outreach, ticketing, and music distribution. She is also adjunct faculty at Colorado State University for the LEAP Institute for the Arts. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Music in French horn performance from the University of Dayton, a Master of Music in French horn performance from Arizona State University, and a Master of Arts in leadership and administration from Colorado State University. Christine has previously worked as an event planning consultant for Ascend at Colorado State University, the communications coordinator for the Colorado State University Middle School Outreach Ensemble, a project manager for the exhibit “CSU Meets Africa” at the Global Village Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a graduate teaching assistant at Colorado State University and Arizona State University. She has also performed with ensembles including the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Phoenix Symphony, Phoenix Opera, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, and various chamber groups.

Jack Rogers


Jack has worked in the performing arts for over 24 years. During that time, he has been an artist, advocate, tour manager, festival producer, venue director, and worn countless other hats.

Jack received his BFA in acting with a minor in dance and a concentration in music from Long Island University at CW Post. Jack has received multiple awards for his performance work both professionally and academically. He received his MPA in nonprofit management from Georgia State University. As an advocate, Jack served as Vice President of Programming for the Georgia Arts Network, the state’s official arts advocacy organization. Jack has served as a juror on programming committees for the City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs, the Georgia Assembly of Community Arts Agencies, Georgia Presenters, and the Southern Arts Federation’s Performing Arts Exchange.

Jack’s interests include multi-disciplinary collaboration, event management safety and security, advocacy, and performing arts programming. Jack is a member of Actor’s Equity of America, Americans for the Arts, the International Association of Venue Managers, and the Western Arts Alliance. Jack currently provides administrative, artistic, and operational leadership to The Lincoln Center, a multi-venue events facility and Northern Colorado’s largest performing arts presenter.