Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty/Staff Resources

The help information in this section is applicable to faculty and staff of Colorado State University and only applies to courses and programs offered through CSU Online.

Academic Integrity (TILT)
Learn more about academic integrity issues and the resources and tools to support a high quality learning environment.

Faculty/Staff Study Privilege
Learn more about the Faculty/Staff Study Privilege for courses offered through CSU Online.

Grading CSU Online Courses
Learn more about grading academic courses offered through CSU Online.

Proctoring Support Services
Learn more about online proctoring services available for CSU Online courses.

Online Teaching Opportunities
Browse employment opportunities with CSU's colleges and academic units, which are responsible for hiring all faculty who teach online courses.

Technical Support for Faculty and Student Operators
Find helpful resources for questions related to topics such as Echo360, Panopto, and Sympodium.