Skills-Based Digital Badges for Learning

Digital Badge Programs

How do digital badges work?

Digital badges offer a new way to demonstrate your competencies to employers and others among your professional and personal network. Serving as symbols of expertise and accomplishment, badges are issued upon the successful completion of courses in particular subject areas.

How do I use digital badges?

Once earned, you can share digital badges on your resume, e-portfolio and social networks. Badges are clickable, linking through to where they are officially stored in Mozilla Backpack. This allows others to see the details of your competencies and verify their authenticity as credentials earned through CSU.

How does the digital badge hierarchy work?

Trek Badges – Building blocks for Quest badges, and are the most granular level of badge. They can be earned individually, or grouped together to earn a Quest badge.

Quest Badges – Building blocks for Master badges. They can be earned individually, or grouped together to earn a Mastery badge.

Mastery Badge – Earned upon completion of all Quest badges within a program, indicating by default, completion of all Trek badges within a program. The Mastery badge is earned when the entire program's curriculum has been completed.

Who can earn digital badges?

Anyone can earn digital badges. Current skill badge offerings are non-credit, so you don't have to be admitted to Colorado State University, meet any prerequisites, or have a certain GPA to enroll.