CSU Extension Certified Gardener Program

Course Overview

Are you a green thumb? Happiest while knee-deep in dirt? Enjoy planting and watching things grow? Based on the Colorado Master GardenerSM curriculum, the CSU Extension Certified Gardener Mastery Badge Program is your opportunity to learn the latest gardening techniques and become an authority for sharing your gardening know-how.

Designed to be flexible and structured around your needs, the certified gardener training allows you to earn digital badges by taking individual courses, bundling courses, or completing the full program. Whether you’re a backyard gardener, interested in landscape pruning or home composting, or are a green industry professional, the CSU Extension Certified Gardener Program can be tailored to your goals.

As a student in the program, you will be able to:

  • Provide knowledge-based information to help gardeners protect and enhance their home landscape
  • Use gardening therapy as a tool to develop individuals, strengthen families, and build communities
  • Share ideas and build relationships with other students throughout the country in an online learning community
  • Illustrate your expertise and competencies through the use of digital badges

Digital Badges Illustrate Expertise

The CSU Extension Certified Gardener Program is one of the first programs at Colorado State University to utilize digital badges to represent competencies and skills learned by the student. Badges allow students to share their expertise with potential employers, clients, and community members to establish credibility and visually show proficiency in areas of study.

CSU Extension Certified Gardener Program

  • Different from the Colorado Master Gardener program

    If you’re familiar with the Colorado Master Gardener program, you may be wondering how the new CSU Extension Certified Gardener badge program differs. First, and most importantly, the Certified Gardener badge program allows the University to offer Extension curriculum, a valuable state resource, as an affordable option to students by way of CSU Online. And, although based on the Colorado Master GardenerSM curriculum, Certified Gardener is different in a few key areas:

    • Certified Gardener does not have a required volunteer component.
    • Because the Certified Gardener program is completely online, you are not bound by seasonality. Courses are offered at various times throughout the year, and you can register and take only the ones you want when it fits your schedule.
    • The Certified Gardener program offers badges in specific areas that may be taken individually or as a bundle. In contrast, the Colorado Master Gardener program covers all topic areas in a face-to-face format without the ability to register for only specific courses.

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