Applying and Leading Assessment in Student Affairs


Your level of participation is completely up to you, as there are no formal grades. The Applying and Leading Assessment in Student Affairs free online course is divided into eight modules formatted to address seven learning outcomes and an opportunity to connect concepts from across the course. You have the ability to move through all of the modules to complete the course in full, or pick and choose which individual modules most interest you, and complete only those. The eight modules of this course include:

  1. Assessment Culture
  2. Assessment Planning
  3. Consulting and Critique
  4. Success Criteria and Setting Targets
  5. Critical Approaches and Ethical Considerations
  6. Data to Decisions
  7. Practical Application
  8. Connecting Concepts: Advancing the Field of Student Affairs Assessment

Students who wish to be recognized for completing activities and other projects can receive a Statement of Accomplishment upon request based on a minimum level of competencies achieved.