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Science Lab Kits

Science Lab Kits One of the best ways to learn about science is through experimentation and exploration, and our science lab kits give you the opportunity to do just that. These kits contain materials to complement what you learn in your courses, and bring hands-on learning to you at a distance. Experiment with a camera obscura, energy flow, chemical reactions, and more from your own home, then incorporate these activities in your K-12 classroom.

The lab kits contain traditional and non-traditional items to use in scientific experiments, allowing you and your science students to conduct real experiments with safe and appropriately scaled equipment. Each kit is designed to be:

  • Replenishable: The kits can be used, easily restocked, and reused again and again, especially for those working within limited budgets.
  • Accessible: The actual experiments are extremely accessible and portable.
  • Safe: The chemical quantities and concentrations are appropriate for scientific study as well as safe disposal.

Each kit is designed for a specific course or lesson, and the contents of the kits change based on the instructor's specifications from year to year. Many lessons require you to perform a set of experiments with the kit and then create an appropriate lesson plan for use in your own classroom. The lab kits are used within various NSCI courses and are yours to keep.

Lab Kits in Action

Watch this video and learn how to build a low-cost spectrometer—one of the many projects you will learn to conduct with your lab kits.

The lab kits are made possible by the College of Natural Sciences Education and Outreach Center (EOC). The EOC works with faculty to design and prepare the lab kits. The EOC will also help students in the online M.N.S.E. degree locate hard-to-find items for their own classrooms, loan kits for use in the classroom, and provide certain free kits to qualified teachers.

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