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NSCI 650 - Pollution and Environmental Biology for Educators

  • 3 credits
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The course is designed for grade 6-12 science teachers. It explores the environmental consequences of energy production and consumption. The topics covered include the effects that oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur and mercury pollution have on biological systems and the methods and technologies for ameliorating and/or reducing emissions.

A Science Lab Kit is utilized during this course.


Admission to the Master of Natural Sciences Education program

Important Information

Lab kits are essential to the learning experience of this course. To assure you receive your lab kit via mail in time for the beginning of the course, please register early.

International students, please register at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. If you are an international student and attempting to register within 6 weeks of the course start date, please contact Karina Hassell at for further instructions.