Education Sciences Principal Licensure and Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies – Education Sciences Specialization

Requirements and Curriculum


  • Principal licensure only — 24 credits
  • Master's degree and principal licensure – 33 credits

The program is designed in a cohort-based format to ensure these requirements are met.


Plans of study:

Thompson cohort

Summer (Phase I)
Fall (Phase II)
Spring (Phase III)
Summer (Phase IV – master's students only)

The Learning Experience

The program is designed to be completed while teaching full time. It is offered at the Thompson School District in Loveland, CO.

During the school year, you attend class one night per week and participate in 2 to 3 seminars per semester (held on Saturdays). The summer session consists of a three-week intensive session, where classes meet each weekday. In addition to the in-person courses, two classes in the program are offered only in the online format (EDUC 619 and EDUC 646). Also, you will participate in a 300-hour internship, made up of 200 hours completed at your school site, and 100 hours at a different level (i.e. elementary, middle, high school, or district).

Students seeking a master's degree in addition to the principal licensure complete the degree requirements in four semesters. Students seeking the license only can complete degree requirements in three semesters.

What Next?

  • See what the career landscape looks like for graduates, including industry demand and examples of roles students have held after earning this degree.