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Keep your knowledge current with our radiation safety courses designed for a broad range of experience levels. If your current career is in radiation safety or you are considering a career in one of the many areas that work with either ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, these courses are for you.


EDLL 2005 – Health Physics Exam Review (noncredit)
This radiation safety course is best for health physicists who have been working in the field, are now ready to move forward with their career, and are looking at the Health Physics Exam as a way to do that.

EDLL 2006 – Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety (noncredit)
ERHS 515 – Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety (credit)
This course is applicable to those with a basic understanding of chemistry and physics, but little experience in non-ionizing radiation. If your career is one of the many that intersect with this technology and you want to learn more about it, this may be the introduction you are seeking.

The Health Physics Society lectures are now offered by the Mountain & Plains Education Research Center (MAP ERC). Please check there for availability.

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