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EDLL 2011 - Advanced Health Physics

  • Noncredit
  • Online

Basic concepts to problem-solving health physics review. This 16-week class lets you study at times and places convenient to you!

This course is geared toward those experienced in radiation protection, and it gives you invaluable tools to set up a regular, focused study program leading to success! The American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) has given approval #2018-00-060 for EDLL 2011 to provide 32 AAHP continuing education credits for the 4-year period 2018-2021.

Why should you take this course? Because it will:

• Benefit any health physicist who wants a structured review of the relevant topics.
• Help you identify your weaknesses and provide guidance on what to study.
• Refresh your memory on each topic and present real world examples.
• Teach unit analysis, explore thumb rules, and offer multiple strategies for solving problems.
• Give you information on what to study and identify areas where you need to concentrate.

This class is streamed over the Internet and can be viewed at your convenience. Students interact by email, and each is assigned an individual mentor to track progress.

Profits from the class support the CSU Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

Important Information

Though this course begins during the Fall 2020 semester, students will have through May 30, 2021 to complete the coursework in Canvas.