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Conflict Resolution for College Students


Learning objectives

Module 1: Introduction to conflict
  1. Identify conflict as an opportunity for change and growth.
  2. Explore five root causes of conflict.
  3. Determine common escalation points during interpersonal conflict.
  4. Practice evaluating a conflict that escalated.
Module 2: Conflict styles
  1. Identify the difference between a position and an interest.
  2. Practice Identifying positions and interests.
  3. Analyze intent vs impact.
Module 3: Framing the conflict
  1. Discover personal conflict style.
  2. Assess the appropriateness of various conflict styles.
  3. Determine your communication style.
  4. Identify influences on communication.
Module 4: Managing conflict
  1. Identify effective communication strategies.
  2. Articulate the importance of listening for underlying interests.
  3. Identify constructive requests.
Module 5: Effective communication strategies
  1. Identify common constructive and destructive tendencies in interpersonal conflict.
  2. Watch how these tendencies show up in a conflict scenario.
  3. Analyze specific behaviors (hot buttons) that tend to result in destructive conflict tendencies.
Module 6: CSU resources
  1. Recognize common conflicts that occur within universities.
  2. Discover the services available to help students resolve conflicts.
  3. Identify various CSU support resources available to students.