Conflict Resolution for College Students


Learning objectives

Module 1: Introduction to conflict

  1. Identify conflict as an opportunity for change and growth.
  2. Recognize benefits of communication when in conflict.
  3. Determine common escalation points during interpersonal conflict.

Module 2: Conflict styles

  1. Distinguish personal conflict and communication styles.
  2. Explore various conflict styles and identify when each is constructive and destructive.
  3. Evaluate opposing communication styles.

Module 3: Framing the conflict

  1. Identify the difference between a demand and a need.
  2. Test expressing their perspective through interests/needs.
  3. Explore intent vs impact.

Module 4: Managing conflict

  1. Identify common constructive and destructive responses to interpersonal conflict.
  2. Analyze personal conflict behaviors to determine areas of strength and for growth.

Module 5: Effective communication strategies

  1. Acquire non-violent communication skills.
  2. Practice listening for underlying interests and re-framing statements.
  3. Identify productive request communication.

Module 6: CSU resources

  1. Recognize common conflict areas at CSU.
  2. Identify resources available to students for various issues.
  3. Identify common appeal procedures.
  4. Discover SRC’s role in helping resolve conflicts.