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AGBB 2043 - Pruning

  • NonCredit
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Become an expert in all things tree pruning. Learn how trees grow and how that influences decay, find out the difference between removal cuts, reduction cuts, and heading cuts, and discover pros and cons related to the time of year you prune and considerations to take in how much foliage to remove. In addition to pruning techniques and methods for young and mature trees, you'll also dive into pruning options for flowering and evergreen shrubs.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Explain how trees grow and how growth influences decay
  • Explain removal cuts, reduction cuts, and heading cuts
  • Explain pros and cons related to time of year to prune
  • Explain considerations in how much foliage/live wood to remove
  • Explain how to structurally prune a young shade tree
  • Describe generic pruning of mature shade trees, including objectives (why's) and methods (how's)
  • Explain pruning options for flowering shrubs and evergreen shrubs

Students receive access to the course for 1 year from the time of registration to complete the course.

Noncredit courses do not produce academic credit nor appear on a Colorado State University academic transcript.

Please note that there are no refunds for open entry courses.


Eric Hammond