Embedded Systems Certificate of Completion

The omnipresence of electronics in today's society has skyrocketed demand for technically-trained professionals who understand how the hidden computing devices within things like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and computers function—embedded systems.

This certificate program provides an introduction to embedded systems, including hardware design and software engineering principles. Topics include the design and exploration of multi-core processor, memory, interconnection, and sensor architectures.

During this embedded systems training, you will learn to:

  • Analyze and explore an embedded system design space, including processors, memories, networks, and sensors
  • Address contemporary design challenges pertaining to reliability, power and thermal efficiency, real-time performance, and security
  • Model embedded hardware and software components for simulation and exploration

This certificate is a companion to multiple degree programs, including:

Some credits completed as part of this embedded systems certificate can be applied toward these degrees after formal admission per University transfer policies. However, successful completion of the courses or certificate does not guarantee admission to the degree program.


The Embedded Systems Certificate courses cover the skills needed to understand modern processor, memory, network, and sensor architectures, as well as analyze and optimize various embedded hardware design and software architectural candidates. Complete the following courses to earn the certificate.

Admission to the University is not required to earn the Certificate of Completion in Embedded Systems. You can register for any course in the certificate program as long as you meet the course prerequisites. Prior CSU coursework can be applied toward this certificate, though transfer courses are not accepted.

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