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ECE 561 - Hardware/Software Design of Embedded Systems

Embedded, edge, and Internet of Things (IoT) system design including parallel computer hardware design; embedded and safety-critical software design; real-time scheduling and analysis; secure and fault-tolerant design; system level modeling; hardware/software partitioning; sensors, actuators, and embedded control; cyber-physical systems; design for low power and sustainable energy; emerging technologies and trends; ethics in embedded computing.


CS 250 (Computer Systems Foundations with a minimum grade of C ) or CS 270 (Computer Organization with a minimum grade of C ) or CS 470 (Computer Architecture) or ECE 251 (Introduction to Microprocessors with a minimum grade of C ) or ECE 452 (Computer Organization and Architecture). Credit not allowed for both ECE 561 and CS 561

Important Information

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Textbooks and Materials

There are no required textbooks for this course.


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