Embedded SystemsGraduate Certificate

Online Embedded Systems Certificate

Earn your embedded systems certificate online

Gain an introduction to embedded systems, including hardware design and software engineering principles. Learn to apply electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science principles in real-world embedded platforms.

Students in the online certificate program complete the same embedded systems courses and learn from the same faculty as students in the on-campus program.

Learn to solve real-world challenges in the smart tech industry

The online certificate in embedded systems prepares students with the skills to design, analyze, and optimize strategies in embedded systems, with a focus on:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Real-time performance
  • Predictability
  • Power and energy
  • Cost

Topics of study include the design and exploration of multi-core processor, memory, interconnection, and sensor architectures. Students learn to overcome and anticipate current and future challenges for embedded systems professionals. Examples of such challenges include:

  • How to design a system that is secure, reliable, and cost effective.
  • How to write embedded software.
  • How to specify, model, and optimize embedded systems, including both software and hardware.
  • Being able to understand the trade-offs between various embedded system designs and external demands.
  • How to handle demands for continually increasing performance of devices.

Online embedded systems courses

Coursework includes both group and individual projects. Students can tailor projects on individual interests and focus on software or hardware, or both. Online classes provide embedded systems training on how to:

  • Analyze and explore an embedded system design space, including processors, memories, networks, and sensors.
  • Address contemporary design challenges pertaining to reliability, power and thermal efficiency, real-time performance, and security.
  • Model embedded hardware and software components for simulation and exploration.

Study with expert engineering faculty

The Graduate Certificate in Embedded Systems is taught by experts in the field who have both industry and research experience. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University is known for leading research in areas including embedded systems, lasers and optics, radar systems, and biomedical systems, and is sponsored by industry (e.g., the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dept. of Defense (DOD), Dept. of Energy, and the Airforce).

CSU faculty have active collaborations with leading semiconductor companies, system on chip (SOC) design companies, and application domain experts (e.g., automotive companies). These partnerships aim to improve products and performance. Faculty share that experience in the online classroom so students gain both practical and academic knowledge of existing and future challenges for embedded systems.

Gain skills to advance in your career

The online embedded systems certificate prepares students for careers in roles such as:

  • Embedded software/hardware designer
  • ES architect
  • System integrator
  • ES Analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • Engineering manager

Get on top of the Internet of Things trend

Embedded systems are the underlying digital intelligence behind smart electronic devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

"There is currently a huge demand for embedded systems designers, individuals who can both write software and design hardware. We are surrounded by hundreds of embedded systems in our everyday lives. ES is also the fastest growing computing platform in terms of market share. Those who can understand and design these systems can have a big impact on people's everyday lives."

– Sudeep Pasricha, Associate Professor

Examples of embedded systems

Embedded systems are integral to any device using a smart card, or computer system within a larger mechanical or electrical system, such as:

  • Digital consumer electronics (cell phones, mp3 players, watches, refrigerators, etc.)
  • Telecom systems
  • Traffic lights
  • Computer networking
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Missiles and satellites
  • Medical equipment

Option to pursue a master's degree

Credits completed for this certificate may be applied toward CSU's online electrical or computer engineering master's degrees after formal admission per University transfer policies. Additionally, you can earn a guaranteed admission recommendation into either master's program from the department and bypass the GRE requirement, if you complete two classes from the curriculum with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and with no less than a 2.7 in any course. Learn more about this option and the online computer engineering master's program and electrical engineering master's program at CSU.

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