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Beekeeping in the Mountain West Online program from CSU Extension


CSU Extension brings an online beekeeping program tailored specifically for the Colorado and Mountain West region. This program is for individuals who are passionate about the environment and interested in learning how to support healthy honeybee colonies in the unique Mountain West region.

The format for this training is 100% online and self-paced giving you the flexibility to start anytime and learn on your own timeline. CSU Online offers a certifying full course ‘mastery bundle’ and multiple individual courses to meet anyone’s needs. Regardless of your path, you’ll receive in-depth beekeeping training provided by CSU faculty and specialists.

What sets this program apart

From harsh climates to high elevations, keeping bees in the Mountain West presents its own set of challenges. Our program equips you with location and climate-specific knowledge essential for nurturing thriving colonies. Developed by experts, our science-based approach covers everything from weather-related issues to pest management, ensuring the well-being of your bees.

Program highlights include:

  • Science-based beekeeping: Focused on maximizing honey production and pollination services through efficient, effective and integrated hive management, which adheres to industry standards and practices. The program features unbiased, science and research-based information and techniques that allow the beekeeper to make informed decisions about their unique situations.
  • Tailored for beekeeping in the mountain west: Gain valuable insights for safeguarding colony health in challenging climates and high elevations, supported by tailored knowledge catering to the region's unique demands.
  • Combine six individual classes and earn a certificate: You can take an individual course or a bundle of them to save money and receive a certificate.
  • Integrated hive management approach: IHM controls pests and disease by utilizing strategies designed to be safe, effective and economical. Using IHM helps beekeepers utilize an organized system of pest management that is always in search of new ways to support healthy colonies while reducing the use of chemicals.

Who is this program for?

Whether you're a hobbyist beekeeper or looking to venture into sideline beekeeping, our program caters to anyone in Colorado and the Mountain West region. Our students are curious, observant, and passionate about natural sciences and ecology. If you're a farmer with pollinator-dependent crops or simply intrigued by the world of beekeeping, this program is an excellent introduction.

Honeybee hives managed by knowledgeable beekeepers have better overwintering success and lower instances of disease and parasites, compared to beekeepers who have not taken in-depth classes to improve their skills.