Applied Statistics Certificate of Completion

Going deeper than the Data Analysis Certificate, this certificate in statistics covers the science of collection, organization, and statistical analysis of data, but also has a unique focus on the explanation of findings, driving a deeper understanding of the data and its meaning.

Providing professionals and graduate students in diverse fields with a short-term training program to improve computational and statistical skills, our online Applied Statistics Certificate will broaden your abilities in regression analysis and give you experience with a range of methodologies.

This certificate is a companion to the Master of Applied Statistics degree. The credits completed as part of this certificate can be applied toward the degree after formal admission per University transfer policies. However, successful completion of the courses or certificate does not guarantee admission to the degree program.

To be successful in this program, you need to have completed at least three semesters of calculus, a linear algebra course, and a statistics course at the undergraduate level.


Select ten credits from the courses below to complete the certificate program. The two noncredit courses need to be taken first, as they prepare you for the technical software and mathematical requirements of the credit courses. The required credit courses should be taken prior to selecting two electives to ensure prerequisites are met.

Required noncredit skills core

Required credit core


Admission to the University is not required to earn the Certificate of Completion in Applied Statistics. You can register for any course in the certificate program as long as you meet the course prerequisites. Prior CSU coursework can be applied toward this certificate, though transfer courses are not accepted.

When are courses offered?

Courses are offered on a rotating basis or when the Department of Statistics predicts that there will be sufficient demand for them. View the schedule of upcoming online courses.

Frequently asked questions

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