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Civil Engineering Master of Engineering (M.E.) – Civil Engineering Specialization

Career Opportunities

An advanced degree in engineering provides you with the skills and knowledge to handle the new engineering problems that arise from our industrial-oriented society. By becoming a more environmentally-educated engineer, you will be well situated to pursue green positions, helping with areas such as water purification, flow, containment and transport. Consulting firms, industrial firms, and governmental agencies want engineers with advanced training in water resources engineering, systems analysis and optimization, hydrology, hydraulics, and civil engineering infrastructure.

Civil engineers with a focus on water resource engineering are needed in the global marketplace, though specific career opportunities depend on the desired region and job market. As a civil engineering graduate you'll find outstanding employment prospects in public works, private consulting or regulatory organizations, and government or military agencies.

In a recent study conducted by EMSI, it was determined that civil engineering is among the top 25 occupations facing potential skill shortages. This suggests that workers have failed to acquire the education employers are looking for. This paired with a predicted 19% rate of growth in the industry's employment opportunities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, offers an optimistic jobs outlook. Prepare yourself to meet market demand with a civil engineering master's degree.

You are encouraged to ask instructors about prominent regions for degree application and salary ranges. Professors may be able to connect you to valuable career resources, including job opportunities with private organizations or public agencies.

What Next?

  • Learn more about being a student in this program, including information about course structure, assignments, time commitments, and interaction with peers and faculty.