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SOCR 796 - Group Study: Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance

  • 3 credits
  • Off-Campus

The course will consist of classroom lectures and discussions, hands-on lab and greenhouse exercises, and field research activities appropriate for a drought breeding and genetics program. Visits to seed company operations in the region will also be included. Course activities are designed around three modules:

  • Whole Plant Physiology of Drought Stress
  • Plant Breeding for Drought Stress Tolerance
  • Genomic Approaches to Drought Stress Tolerance

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SOCR 330 (Principles of Genetics); SOCR 460 (Plant Breeding). Participants should have a basic understanding of genetics, plant breeding, and plant physiology. Prior to the beginning of the course, students will review online material on these topics to provide a common background in breeding and physiology concepts.