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SOCR 330 - Principles of Genetics

  • 3 credits
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Genetics is almost always in the news. It’s a fascinating field that is present in everyday life and that connects to many other fields of study. This course will introduce you to genes and genomes, genetic variation and inheritance through lectures, reading and audiovisual learning materials.
Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Explain the molecular structure of genes and genomes
• Summarize the molecular processes of DNA replication, transcription, translation, and regulation of gene expression
• Compare different types of mutations and describe how each can affect the phenotype
• Illustrate the genetic and environmental influences on phenotypes
• Analyze connections between molecular genetics, cell division, and the inheritance of traits
• Evaluate modern genetics in its ethical and social context


BZ 110 (Principles of Animal Biology) or BZ 120 (Principles of Plant Biology) or LIFE 102 (Attributes of Living Systems (GT-SC1))


Tori Anderson

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