MU 526A - Kodály Training Program - Level I

  • 5 credits
  • Fort Collins

The course serves as a foundation for the teaching philosophy and approaches of Hungarian music educator, Zoltán Kodály. Components of the course include: pedagogy, folksong literature, folksong analysis and retrieval, Solfège, conducting, and choir. The Level 1 course focuses on work with beginning level students yet participants may adapt this information to any music teaching situation. Students in this course:

  • observe, practice, and refine teaching techniques in a laboratory setting of peers and children
  • build a collection of authentic folksong literature appropriate and of strong quality for use in music instruction
  • analyze music literature appropriate for a beginning music curriculum, including American folk music, traditional children's songs and games, folk music from other countries and cultures, and art music
  • organize a categorization system, known as a retrieval system whereby students can quickly and accurately select appropriate song literature for lesson planning
  • explore the role of the conductor as communicator by learning conducting techniques and essential ensemble directing skills
  • develop individual and ensemble musicianship skills through in-tune singing, excellent tone quality, internal hearing, partwork, and understanding of complex melodies and pieces of music


  • Sharpened pencil
  • Manuscript paper
  • Notepad or paper for taking notes
  • Tuning fork [A=440]
  • Conducting scores (minimum of three scores to be chosen per level) please contact course instructor at the earliest opportunity if you encounter any difficulty obtaining scores


  • Lady on the Mountain (Jon Boden)
  • Warm Summer Sun (Nico Muhly)
  • In Autumn (Nico Muhly)

2 part treble, piano accomp.

NOTE: These three pieces are freely downloadable from - You will need to register with the site in order to gain access to the PDFs; it is a very straightforward process.

  • Shiru (Allan Naplan) – Boosey and Hawkes – 2 part treble, piano accomp.
  • Songs of a Starry Night (Emily Crocker) – Hal Leonard – 2/3 part, piano accomp.
  • Pokarekare Ana (arr. Sheena Phillips) – SSA – available to purchase at


  • Choksy, Lois “The Kodály Context” - "The Kodály Context" is expensive if bought new. Ms. LeJeune recommends purchasing a used copy through Amazon or Alibris at
  • Erdei, Peter, “150 American Folksongs”, Boosey and Hawkes (cheapest on Amazon)
  • Locke, Eleanor, “Sail Away”, Boosey and Hawkes
  • Brumfield, Susan, “First, We Sing! 100 Little Songs and Rhymes: For Reading, Writing, and More: (much cheaper on Amazon)
  • Trinka, Jill, “Folksongs, Singing Games and Playparties: Vol. 4: The Little Black Bull” Folk Music Works
  • Alan D. Strong., ed. “Who Was Kodály?” Alan D. Strong., ed. - This is a compilation of articles previously published in the Kodály Envoy, and can be purchased from OAKE at
  • Zoltán Kodály Choral Method: "333 Elementary Reading Exercises" Edited with annotations by (Publisher: Boosey and Hawkes) - NOTE: This is a small book, not a green tall book. Do not purchase the Percy Young Version.

RECOMMENDED TEXTS (not required but helpful):

  • Choksy, Lois “The Kodály Method I”
  • Feierabend, John “Music For Little People”, Boosey & Hawkes
  • Klinger, Rita “Lesson Planning in a Kodály Setting”
  • Eisen, Ann & Robertson, Lamar “An American Methodology,” Sneaky Snake Publications
  • Houlahan and Tacka, “Kodály Today”

This course can be applied toward:


Instructor approval.

Important Information

This course is also available as a noncredit option. See the ARLL 3003 course page if you want the content, but don't need the college credits.

The 2020 course will be held from July 11-25, 2020.

Textbooks and Materials

See book list at end of course description above.

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