MU 526A - Kodály Training Program - Level I

  • 5 credits
  • Fort Collins

The course serves as a foundation for the teaching philosophy and approaches of Hungarian music educator, Zoltán Kodály. Components of the course include: pedagogy, folksong literature, folksong analysis and retrieval, Solfège, conducting, and choir. The Level 1 course focuses on work with beginning level students yet participants may adapt this information to any music teaching situation. Students in this course:

  • observe, practice, and refine teaching techniques in a laboratory setting of peers and children
  • build a collection of authentic folksong literature appropriate and of strong quality for use in music instruction
  • analyze music literature appropriate for a beginning music curriculum, including American folk music, traditional children's songs and games, folk music from other countries and cultures, and art music
  • organize a categorization system, known as a retrieval system whereby students can quickly and accurately select appropriate song literature for lesson planning
  • explore the role of the conductor as communicator by learning conducting techniques and essential ensemble directing skills
  • develop individual and ensemble musicianship skills through in-tune singing, excellent tone quality, internal hearing, partwork, and understanding of complex melodies and pieces of music


  • Sharpened pencil
  • Manuscript paper
  • Notepad or paper for taking notes
  • Tuning fork [A=440]
  • Conducting scores (minimum of three scores to be chosen per level) please contact course instructor at the earliest opportunity if you encounter any difficulty obtaining scores


  • Lady on the Mountain (Jon Boden)
  • Warm Summer Sun (Nico Muhly)
  • In Autumn (Nico Muhly)

2 part treble, piano accomp.

NOTE: These three pieces are freely downloadable from - You will need to register with the site in order to gain access to the PDFs; it is a very straightforward process.

  • Shiru (Allan Naplan) – Boosey and Hawkes – 2 part treble, piano accomp.
  • Songs of a Starry Night (Emily Crocker) – Hal Leonard – 2/3 part, piano accomp.
  • Pokarekare Ana (arr. Sheena Phillips) – SSA – available to purchase at


  • Choksy, Lois “The Kodály Context” - "The Kodály Context" is expensive if bought new. Ms. LeJeune recommends purchasing a used copy through Amazon or Alibris at
  • Erdei, Peter, “150 American Folksongs”, Boosey and Hawkes (cheapest on Amazon)
  • Locke, Eleanor, “Sail Away”, Boosey and Hawkes
  • Brumfield, Susan, “First, We Sing! 100 Little Songs and Rhymes: For Reading, Writing, and More: (much cheaper on Amazon)
  • Trinka, Jill, “Folksongs, Singing Games and Playparties: Vol. 4: The Little Black Bull” Folk Music Works
  • Alan D. Strong., ed. “Who Was Kodály?” Alan D. Strong., ed. - This is a compilation of articles previously published in the Kodály Envoy, and can be purchased from OAKE at
  • Zoltán Kodály Choral Method: "333 Elementary Reading Exercises" Edited with annotations by (Publisher: Boosey and Hawkes) - NOTE: This is a small book, not a green tall book. Do not purchase the Percy Young Version.

RECOMMENDED TEXTS (not required but helpful):

  • Choksy, Lois “The Kodály Method I”
  • Feierabend, John “Music For Little People”, Boosey & Hawkes
  • Klinger, Rita “Lesson Planning in a Kodály Setting”
  • Eisen, Ann & Robertson, Lamar “An American Methodology,” Sneaky Snake Publications
  • Houlahan and Tacka, “Kodály Today”

This course can be applied toward:


Instructor approval.

Important Information

This course is also available as a noncredit option. See the ARLL 3003 course page if you want the content, but don't need the college credits.

Textbooks and Materials

See book list at end of course description above.