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HORT 515 - Urban Horticulture

  • 3 credits

Investigate and evaluate the techniques of incorporating food production systems in the urban and peri-urban environment.
Credit not allowed for both AGRI 515 and HORT 515.


HORT 451 or HORT 453. Credit not allowed for both HORT 515 and AGRI 515


Armando Villa-Ignacio

Armando Villa-Ignacio is a graduate student at Colorado State University under Dr. Jennifer Bousselot studying rooftop agrivoltiacs. He studied Conservation Biology at SUNY-ESF and has been interested in the relationship between people, plants, and sustainability. He has presented his research all over the world including South Korea, Puerto Rico, and Germany. He plans on pursuing his PhD and continue to research rooftop agritvoltaics and horticulture.