CO 300 - Writing Arguments (GT-CO3)

  • 3 credits

Reading, analyzing, researching, and writing arguments.

In CO 300 Writing Arguments, we will compose a variety of argumentative texts in various modes. Throughout the semester we will pay special attention to the diverse forms of communication in terms of their persuasive and convincing aspects. These forms include: text, sound, still and moving images.

A large focus of this course is geared toward understanding and composing messages for specific audiences and purposes. Assignments in CO 300 will encourage adaptation of content and style when responding to the needs of different audiences and rhetorical situations.

Through this process, students will extend their rhetorical knowledge, their experience in writing processes, and their mastery of writing conventions.

Throughout CO 300, students will:

• Practice critically reading texts about the rhetoric of argument as well as critical analysis of sample arguments
• Understand and practice various modes of argument composed for a variety of contexts and audiences
• Conduct writing processes with a special emphasis on accessing and evaluating sources from databases, peer critiquing, reflection on writing processes, and revising and editing.

Textbook Requirements:

Sec. 801 – Instructor: Alyson Welker – (1) “Perspectives on Argument” by N.V. Wood and J.S. Miller, 7th edition, ISBN 978-0205060337 – REQUIRED, and (2) “Rhetorical Readings for Advanced Writers", CSU Composition Program, 2nd edition – REQUIRED

Sec. 802 - Instructor: Jeremy Proctor - "Readings in Rhetoric for Advanced Writers", CSU Writing Program (eds.), 2nd edition, ISBN: 978-1598719031 - REQUIRED

Sec. 803 - Instructor: Katie Hoffman - "Essentials of Argument" by N.V. Wood, 3rd edition, ISBN 978-0205827022 - REQUIRED

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Advanced Writing (Category 2) and is approved under gtPathways in the content area of Advanced Writing (GT-CO3).


CO 150 (College Composiiton).

Important Information

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• Click on blue “buy it” box to purchase the book.

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Textbook and Materials

See textbook information at the bottom of the course description above.


Alyson Welker
Alyson Welker

Alyson Welker is an instructor in the English Department at Colorado State University. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and her M.S. degree in Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing from the University of Colorado Denver.

Alyson completed her teaching assistantship at the University of Colorado Denver, where she also worked as a professional writing consultant at the University of Colorado Writing Center. After completing her degree, she taught English at the Community College of Aurora before moving to Fort Collins to teach at CSU. Alyson’s research focuses on implementing new technologies as teaching mediums within the composition classroom both online and on-campus.

Jeremy Proctor

(970) 491-6428 |

Jeremy Proctor has B.A. and M.A. degrees in English (literature), both from Colorado State University. He teaches College Composition, Writing Arguments, Introduction to Literature, and Twentieth-Century Fiction. His academic interests include modernist novels, literary theory (especially the poststructuralists), reality television, and political rhetoric.

Katie Hoffman

(970) 491-2403 |