CIVE 261 - Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics

  • 3 credits

Dynamics is a course in engineering mechanics which is concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces. The study of dynamics has numerous engineering applications; the mechanical design of an automobile or bicycle, the path of a projectile, or even the design of highways. It will also help you interpret the movement of all moving objects we encounter in our daily lives. We will cover kinematics and kinetics of both particles and rigid bodies, including the concepts of work-energy and impulse-momentum.

Note that CIVE 260 Engineering Mechanics-Statics is only offered online in the fall semester and CIVE 261 Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics is only offered online in the spring semester. Neither are offered online during the summer.


CIVE 260 (Engineering Mechanics-Statics).

Important Information

This course requires students to set up a proctor for paper-based exams.


Daniel W. Baker
Daniel W. Baker

(970) 491-0261 |

Dr. Dan Baker is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Colorado State University. He is a full-time teacher and is the primary instructor for both the on-campus and online sections of Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics.

He is a passionate learner and works to optimize student learning through interactive learning activities, targeted assessments, and elevating student motivation. He learned of his love for teaching as a tour boat captain during his college summers. Dan has a PhD from Colorado State University and is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado.