CIVE 260 - Engineering Mechanics-Statics

  • 3 credits

Forces using vector notation; static equilibrium of rigid bodies; friction, virtual work, centroids, and moments of inertia.

Note that CIVE 260 Engineering Mechanics-Statics is only offered online in the fall semester and CIVE 261 Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics is only offered online in the spring semester. Neither are offered online during the summer.

This course includes proctored exams. Details are included in the course syllabus


MATH 159 (One Year Calculus IB (GT-MA1) or MATH 160 (Calculus for Physical Scientists I (GT-MA1); PH 141 (Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (GT-SC1) or concurrent registration).

Important Information

This course requires students to set up a proctor for paper-based exams.


Daniel W. Baker

(970) 491-0261 |

Dr. Baker earned his Ph.D. from Colorado State University in 2009, had a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, was a Research Scientist at CSU from 2012-2015, and in 2015 was hired as a Faculty Instructor where he primarily teaches Statics and Dynamics in this program. His research specializes in stream-restoration education, decision making, and design; the development of monitoring and adaptive management programs; and nutrient processing in aquatic systems.