BUS 690A - Contemporary Issues in Business: Leadership Symposium: Activate Your Negotiation Super Powers - Acquire the Seldom Shared Secrets of Master Negotiators

  • 1 credit
  • Fort Collins , Online , Off-Campus

Join highly successful, experienced, and proven master negotiators in Fort Collins, Colorado for a two-day, hands-on, interactive course. You will learn both the negotiation theories and the techniques of master negotiators, Marshall Thurber.

Reach the "Pinnacle of Persuasion" by participating in this highly experiential event. You will experience and absorb the strategies used by the most successful negotiators.

  • Priming
  • Stable Datum
  • Limited Authority
  • Framing
  • By What Method
  • Quick Sand
  • The Call Girl
  • Getting Gotten
  • and other successful negotiation strategies

Delivered in game-like experiences with case-study practicum, this course is probably unlike any other you have ever experienced. You will leave with far more than just knowledge. The theories and techniques you’ll absorb will allow you to achieve far greater success in all areas of life, including relationships, business and education

This course can be applied towards:


Admission to a College of Business graduate program.

Important Information

Active-duty military, spouses of active military personnel, veterans, federal, and state employees must contact the MBA Advisors to receive the tuition reduction code prior to registering. Reduction of tuition will not be given if you do not provide the appropriate code at the time of registration. Call (970) 491-2865 or email mbaadvisor@business.colostate.edu

Textbooks and Materials

Required course materials and textbooks are posted on the MBA Student Resource Page approximately six weeks prior to the beginning of class. For questions regarding course materials contact mbaadvisor@business.colostate.edu