AHS 487 - Internship in Human Services

  • 1 - 16 credits

In this course, students participate in a hands-on work experience in a setting directly related to the field of adult development and aging. Once students have worked with their advisor to determine the best semester to take their internship, they should contact the Internship Placement Coordinator, Dr. Allyson Brothers, with whom they will work closely in order to ensure appropriate placement. To request a course override, students should e-mail allyson.brothers@colostate.edu. Be sure to include your CSU ID and as much detail as possible regarding the timeline and desired internship placement. This is preferably done during the semester before the internship will be completed, as ample time is needed for the placement process, including selecting an internship site, completing a background check, signing a contract with the site supervisor, and setting specific goals and objectives for the internship experience. No classroom hours are required during the semester. Grades are earned as a result of completing the required number of internship site hours, attending required meetings (in-person or phone), and submitting the required written assignments.

For students in the local area, a list of approved internship sites is available here: http://www.hdfs.chhs.colostate.edu/students/undergraduate/internship.aspx. Students in other geographical areas will need to allow additional time for the institutional approval of the desired internship site.

This course can be applied toward:


Written consent of instructor (course override required); enrollment in the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor (GIM); suggested completion (or co-registration) in HDFS 201.

Important Information

All prerequisites must be completed or consent from the instructor given prior to enrollment.

If registering for this course after the start of the term, please contact the instructor at the time of registration. By contacting the instructor, students ensure they are added to the CANVAS section as soon as possible and have access to the course and details about the class requirements.

Textbooks and Materials

No textbooks are required.


Dr. Allyson Brothers
Dr. Allyson Brothers